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NanoTech CoVer 2

Nano-metric high-technology ECOcoating for: glass and ceramics.


0,250 l  - surface =  5 - 8 m²

0,500 l  - surface = 10 - 16m²

     1 l   - surface = 20 - 30m²

29,95 €


Use on glass, shower enclosures (no lime precipitation) mosaic walls (including bathrooms no longer fungi) and glass tableware (plates) art, etc., 

Nanotech CoVer 2 imposes a 20 nm thin layer on the surface, thus no water, oil or other chemicals absorb more.

This will make the surface self-cleaning and antibacterial.

Nanotech Cover 2 will stop the aging of the material because it is UV resistant. After that alkaline oils, salts and soaps can not penetrate.

How to use NanoTech Cover 2  (product for glass and ceramics protection):

The surface must be clean and dry, certainly no oil, wax or fat. (all grease are important);

Shake it well before using and carefully spray over the nozzle on the bottle, with a tuinvernevelaar under pressure or using an an airbrush.

Let the product should to evaporate, at least 6 hours and to dry (10 ° C).

Do not use it at the temperature under 6 ° C;       

After application and curing any polish with soft looking.

The application makes the surface self-cleaning;


Depends on the surface and the way of spraying - 20 to 30 m² per liter.

Product is not toxic, (it's enough to wear goggles when spraying). The product contains mainly water or alcohol as a carrier and SiO2 at 20 nanometers, as active ingredient.


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