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Nanotech CoVer 3

Nano-metric high-technology coating ECO: Textiles (all), linen, carpets, awnings, tents, umbrellas, clothing, convertible roof;


0,250 l  - surface =  5 - 6 m²

0,500 l  - surface = 10 - 12 m² 

     1 l   - surface = 20 -  25m² 

19,95 €


Use on all woven fabrics, awnings, convertible roof, table linens, rugs, artwork, etc.                                               

Nanotech CoVer 3 imposes a 20 nm thin layer on the fibers, making it no water, wine, oil or other chemicals absorb more.

Nanotech CoVer3 limits the use of soaps and had high temperatures. Remnants remain only dirt between the fibers and are easily removable hang, often even without soap.

The product remains on the fabric and can be washed up to max 40 degrees.

How to use Nanotech Cover 3 (product for textile cleaning and protection):

The textile must be clean and dry during application, especially no oils, waxes or fats.
Shake it well before using and carefully spray over the nozzle on the bottle,

 with a tuinvernevelaar under pressure or using an an airbrush.

Then let the product should to evaporate, at least 6 hours and to dry (10 ° C).

Do not use it at the temperature under 6 ° C;       

After application and curing any polish with soft looking.

The application makes the surface self-cleaning;


Depends on the surface and the way of spraying - 12 to 15 m² per liter.

Product is not toxic, (it's enough to wear goggles when spraying).

The product contains mainly water or alcohol as a carrier and SiO2 at 20 nanometers, as active



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